August 11, 2020

Is Healing Really a Function of Time?

Many times people will get a diagnosis of an issue from their doctor and they'll talk with the Ortho and they'll say, "It'll probably be about six to eight weeks, or it'll be about three months for another issue"

Or "If you get this surgery, you can expect to be back to normal in about six months" or something like that. And so I want to just dispel some of the myths of those timelines and let's talk about healing. Healing is not actually a function of time. Healing is a function of some physiological processes that need to take place and healing is a function of some neurological changes that need to take place.

Now, those physiological processes, like proteins and scar tissue and things forming and re-knitting together. Those can only happen so fast, but what slows healing down for most people is that inflammation hangs around too long allowing chaotic formation of scar tissue to happen. Then, the blood flow gets restricted by muscles being shortened, tight and protective (spasmed). And so that's a neurological thing: The tension in muscle does not come from the muscle. It comes from the nervous system, signaling it to be tense. So if we think about it, what slows down healing the most is actually the body's own protective responses when allowed to take over!

Now, some of these protective responses are there for good reason, but some of them can be overreaction to the trauma of injury. So if we want to speed up healing, let's address the nervous system and get these processes to happen smoother and faster with less protective spasm, with less muscle-shortening, with less scar tissue forming in a disorganized way.

Neurological soft tissue therapy can help affect all of those things. So usually we are seeing on those timelines that six to eight weeks can usually be two and a half to three. That six months recovery might be two to two and a half. These are not overinflated numbers! These are practical examples from cases that I've worked with personally.

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