Recover Quickly and Completely with Neuro-Therapy

We help you recover from chronic and acute muscle, tendon, ligament, and neurological injuries. Our system of specialized technology and expertise will help your body reset. You’ll be ready to enjoy your favorite activities again!

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Your Recovery begins with Your Nervous system

Over the course of our lives, we pick up bad physical habits. The ways we move and hold ourselves cause some muscles and other tissues to overwork and others to under work.

This becomes “muscle memory” and is a lasting neurological pattern. These patterns set us up for both inefficient movement and vulnerability to injury.

Once injury occurs, the symptoms we feel are often from the physical damage in our body, but the actual cause of the injury lies in the improper “muscle memory” and dysfunctional patterns we established at first.

The nervous system was the place the problem started, and the nervous system is the place where the correct solution begins.

The Evo Difference

Evo Performance Rehab uses specialized technology and knowledge to find and treat areas of neurological dysfunction that are the root causes of both short-term and long-term injuries and the keys to getting better.

Through Neuro-Therapy, Evo helps restore your nervous system's communication with the soft tissues so that they can work as designed.

This neurologically focused approach causes a drastically faster, more efficient, and more complete recovery from tears, sprains, strains, overuse, surgery, and many more sources of injury.

Evo Performance Rehab works to restore proper movement patterns and the ability to move freely and with strength, allowing you to confidently return to your favorite activities!

About Our Method
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Success Stories

Faster, lasting results than traditional treatments

Adam Bisek, Bodybuilder - Pec Tear Rehab

Adam Bisek, a bodybuilding physique competitor and personal trainer came to Evo Performance Rehab after he had his pec torn and surgically reattached. Adam went through our Neuro-Therapy process and drastically accelerated his recovery.

Normal time to being able to do pushups post surgery: 6 months
Adam's time: 6 weeks

Normal rate of regaining range of motion: 5 degrees per week
Adam's Rate: Full range of motion within 3 treatments.

Zavier Steward, Running Back - Ankle Rehab

Zavier is a talented Running Back, but recently had a knee surgery and a major ankle surgery. Zavier came to Evo Performance Rehab and is now far surpassed what he thought 100% would be for him and the function of his ankle.

I worked with Tyler for about 3 months on my knee (6 years post ACL reconstruction surgery). The scans were quite painful initially but it was interesting to learn about my body and see that my muscles genuinely weren’t functioning properly like I had guessed. I didn’t know that was possible until meeting with Tyler. The exercises were challenging and diverse enough that every appointment became a solid mix of new and old after awhile but never got boring. It was interesting learning how the body works, how MY body worked, and how they are many habits that affect our physical capabilities. For example, now I always check myself for posture, form, foot pressure, hip placement and how my shoes fit in and out of the gym. Prior to, my gym routine became mundane and frustrating from all the adaptations due to injury. Tyler created a plan for me and now my workouts are a lot more fun and challenging! Also, this therapy surprisingly helped my depression. I was at the lowest I’ve ever been when I started but it was empowering to reconnect with my body, have that encouraging atmosphere, and rediscover the hope to heal myself at least physically, if not mentally. I rediscovered my determination and felt less stuck in my circumstances which was a constant reminder at the gym. I’m proud to say I’ve rebuilt my relationship with the gym, my knee/abilities, and myself. Honestly, working with Tyler was a great start because I knew something was really wrong when I no longer wanted to go to the gym.

Katarina Kraljic
Katarina Kraljic
January 28, 2023

Several years after a full knee replacement, I continued to have movement issues that did not allow me to fully ski, golf or walk painlessly. After seeing many specialists, I saw little improvement and high frustration. A personal trainer recommended Tylor / Evo, and that entirely changed my performance. After several secessions with Tylor and team, my ability to actively move again signifyingly improved. His sections are NOT easy to say the least, but he finds the root issue and get the muscles and nerves working together again, removing any blockage / limitations. After any injury, surgery or someone looking to play at a higher level, Evo therapy needs to be the Standard of care. I have worked with many different specialty's, trainers, other over the years, and the now first first place I is Evo. I even am having my son go there after an injury.

Jeff J
Jeff J
January 3, 2023

What an amazing service! Dominick does a great job and is very informative as to how and why we do the proper exercises. I came in to work on ankle support and could feel the change as we went through the phases. It feels good to feel improvement and until now, I’ve never felt it happen so fast.

Aidan Schmidt
Aidan Schmidt
December 2, 2022
Our Process

Become pain-free In 3 Steps


After booking a free consultation phone call, one of our rehab specialists will be happy to learn about your issue and help you to understand if your issue is one we can likely help.


If you are local to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you can come in to any of our facilities and work with a Neuro-Therapy practitioner to go through an evaluation treatment.


Experience a custom treatment plan that combines specialized neurological stimulus and movement, to re-educate the function of the nervous system with your “inhibited" areas.


Questions? We got you covered.

What types of injuries do you work with?

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Find a detailed list of injuries we treat on our Injuries page.

How long does it take to see results?

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Often with the neurological soft tissue therapy process, we can see some results immediately within the first evaluation treatment. Normally, once someone engages in the therapy program, they are seeing an upward trend that sees them getting significant relief from their pain within the first four sessions.

They typically experience this within one to two weeks. So usually someone is on a better field unless they have an extremely acute injury or a lot of physical damage.

Several factors can contribute to how quickly someone sees results. These include how well do they follow through on recommendations given for things like posture, or other recovery factors like nutrition, sleep, stress, etc. Even though each person is different, there are predictable levels of progress that one would hope to see.

And typically if we are not seeing normal levels of progress, we will communicate to the client to let them know these levels of progress are less than we are expecting. Although this is infrequent, we are completely the advocates for the best interest of the client.

So if there is something unforeseen, or if there is more structural damage than someone who was aware of we may, based on the progress or lack thereof, be able to recommend someone with a great deal of confidence to the right move for what they need to recover to the best level they’re capable of.

How many sessions does it take to keep results long term?

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This can differ from person to person. But we typically encourage you to go through at least two to three phases of therapy. The first phase is necessary for absolutely all clients and that is locating and re educating the sources of their issue. Typically, this takes about four sessions to work someone through to the necessary levels.

The second phase typically we are doing a lot of teaching on top of the rehabilitative strength work. So, if someone understands the concept of muscle memory, they can understand why it is necessary to be consistent with the therapy process.

If you wanted to master the golf swing, you wouldn’t golf once a month or even once a week. You would want to do some level of practice frequently. Typically, we like to work with clients at least two times per week during their process to ensure that the muscle memory and movement patterns are consistently corrected and reinforced.

For someone to keep their results long term, there needs to be a combination of the neurological adaptations happening between the brain and the specific areas, as well as an awareness of how can that person change their movement and positioning and posture to allow them to keep their results long term.

This can differ for all people, but typically, we are confident of getting someone a lasting result within the first two to three phases of treatment. Usually we are not seeing someone again for the same issue. Most people learn enough about how to maintain their results during the process that they can keep them for lifelong success.

How does this program differ from physical therapy or chiropractic?

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Learn more about this on our Why Evo page.

Recover with EVO

Each Neuro-Therapy process begins with a free phone consultation, followed by an in-clinic or virtual Evaluation Treatment session. 

We introduce the Neuro-Therapy process so you get to experience the significant changes that even one session can make. 

This helps us find the best treatment plan for your lasting success.

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