ArpWave Technology

The History of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

For many years, electrical muscle stimulation has been used in rehabilitation and human performance. It has been known for hundreds, if not thousands, of years that electricity has an effect on the human body. 

More recently, the goal was to make an electrical muscle stimulator that would allow full range of motion and lengthen muscles instead of making them contract in spasms to protect themselves. 

Most electrical muscle stimulators cause muscle contractions that don't let you move freely and don't help you learn how to move the way you want to.

The History of the ARPWave Technology

In the 1990s, a process was used to make a waveform signal that would allow movement reeducation and help engage muscles while still letting them move freely. The Therastim was the result of this effort. 

Soon after its development by Gary Thomas, an exercise physiologist named Dennis Thompson came into the picture and ended up founding the company ARPWave and purchasing Therastim and its original rights. 

The ARPTrainer and ARPWave were the cornerstones of the neurological soft tissue therapy movement. They helped find areas of neurological inhibition and quickly retrain them without expensive medical imaging or invasive procedures. 

ARPWave did a significant amount of work to develop protocols and technology to make this field of wellness possible. Since ARPWave’s growth, other technologies have emerged that work to do the same thing or improve upon Therastim's and ARPWave's desired effects. 

What is the ARPWave?

An ARPWave device is an extremely powerful tool. The nervous system controls the activation of muscles and many other processes to allow people to move, support themselves, and live and be well. If someone has pain, dysfunction, or an injury, the ARPWave is basically an external brain that can help retrain the nervous system to get back to the best firing patterns and distribution of how the body absorbs force. 

We can get stuck in protective patterns, and the ARPWave is designed to help us get unstuck. Not only can it do this, but it can also help our muscles, nervous system, and other tissues learn to absorb and process more stress while still doing things safely. This innovation has allowed thousands of people to recover from injuries faster, get out of pain, avoid surgery, and live a more full life with freedom from painkillers and other unwanted medical interventions or substances.

Introduction of the ARPWave to the Market

ARPwave made its technology available in a fairly restrictive manner. Practitioners who wanted to use this technology were subject to licensing fees and training costs, all of which are understandable and ongoing usage fees. Some of these methods made it harder for ARPWave to grow in the medical field as a whole. 

Often, people ask us why they haven't heard of this system before. And our typical answer is that ARPWave retained much of the control over how the technology was used and who was able to use it, which resulted in a much smaller footprint than would have been possible otherwise.

Dennis Thompson got in touch with a man named Jay Schroeder. He had seen Schroeder use electrical stimulation on one of his athletes, whom he had helped train to do very well.

Jay Schroeder and Dennis Thompson created the ARPWave system together. Jay Schroeder created the strength rehab protocols and worked with many of the top athletes who have used the system. 

Tyler Kleinhuizen of Evo Performance Rehab learned about the ARPWave and has worked directly with Jay Schroeder for years to implement his work with athletes and injured people who want to get better and heal faster.

ARPWave Competitors

Some of the competitors to ARPWave’s technology include the Neubie, the NX Pro, and the Phoenix Waveform. Because ARPWave has been extremely protective of its own technology and processes, all of these devices started with the Therastim as the model. 

We see a significant benefit to people from being exposed to this type of technology and working with someone who knows what they're doing. 

It's risky to have someone with technology who has no idea what they're doing because whatever you're doing while you're on, the stimulus can get enhanced. So if you're doing the wrong thing or working to develop something, you can overdevelop it and continue to have your own bad habits. 

We've started using the Phoenix Waveform devices over the years because of relationships and because we were able to try out the technology. They've proven to be very comparable, very functional, and extremely portable. They're a fantastic alternative that's significantly less expensive than the ARPWave or any of the current competitors.

Cost Of Buying An ARPWave

The ground-breaking ARPWave technology has helped a lot of people and is very efficient. But because of the price, it might be difficult to use the device and have a session. Currently, the therapeutic ARPWave machine costs about $20,000.

Since the Phoenix Waveform device costs about 1/5 as much as the ARPWave for the Elite model and even less for the smaller, professional model, it not only makes this technology more portable but also more affordable.

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