Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot Pain Recovery in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Often people struggle with chronic pain due to plantar fasciitis, a condition where the bottom of the foot becomes stressed, inflamed, and very painful. Most of the time, conventional therapies do not have a good answer for plantar fasciitis aside from icing the inflamed tissues, doing some rolling on massage balls and such, and then working to keep the area moving and promote blood flow.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

At Evo Performance Rehab, we have the ability to find the source of why the plantar fascia has been taking too much stress to the point where it becomes damaged or inflamed. In one individual, we might find the origin of the issue is in other muscles of the lower leg or even up into the hamstrings or quadriceps muscles.

We have successfully treated many plantar fasciitis cases in a wide range of locations with neuromuscular dysfunction. It may seem odd to people with foot pain to consider that the source of their foot pain may be under-functioning hamstrings. But through the neurological soft tissue therapy process, we can help discover the true origins of the issue quickly and work to remedy them just as quickly.

Achilles Tear Treatment

Another injury to the lower leg that is commonly a very big struggle for people is an Achilles tear. People are typically put in an immobilizing boot for a number of weeks. And while this is necessary to help the surgically operated areas knit back together, it often creates large amounts of atrophy in the involved muscles and sets the person up to have a lasting limp in their walking gait.

At Evo Performance Rehab, we can do work and even send a stimulator device with people to completely halt any muscle atrophy that they would undergo if they need to get their Achilles repaired. And then as soon as they are cleared for range of motion exercises, not even load bearing.

We can work with that person's nervous system to regain the ability to fire and control muscles to a high degree. So by the time they're cleared to start walking again, without the boot they're already hitting full range of motion with confident muscle contractions.

I have had clients go from being cleared to be out of their boot to shooting a jump shot on the basketball court within nine days. Commonly, we are able to shorten the recovery timeline in to 1/3 to one half of the normal time and also create a much higher level of outcome.

Recently a client I worked with nine months ago reported that her injury side Achilles feels stronger and more stable than her non injured Achilles after having gone through the therapy process.

Our Process

Become pain-free In 3 Steps


One of our rehab specialists will be happy to talk with you during a free consultation call to learn more about your issues and determine if Neuro-Therapy is likely to benefit you.


If you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you can visit any of our facilities and work with a Neuro-Therapy practitioner to complete an evaluation treatment.


Experience a personalized treatment plan that uses movement and specific neurological stimulation to retrain your nervous system to work in "inhibited" areas.

Success Stories

Faster, lasting results than traditional treatments

Adam Bisek, Bodybuilder - Pec Tear Rehab

Adam Bisek, a bodybuilding physique competitor and personal trainer came to Evo Performance Rehab after he had his pec torn and surgically reattached. Adam went through our Neuro-Therapy process and drastically accelerated his recovery.

Normal time to being able to do pushups post surgery: 6 months
Adam's time: 6 weeks

Normal rate of regaining range of motion: 5 degrees per week
Adam's Rate: Full range of motion within 3 treatments.

Zavier Steward, Running Back - Ankle Rehab

Zavier is a talented Running Back, but recently had a knee surgery and a major ankle surgery. Zavier came to Evo Performance Rehab and is now far surpassed what he thought 100% would be for him and the function of his ankle.

Dom was great to work with! My whole body was buzzing (in a good way) after the session. Dom did a thorough job explaining everything and this therapy is something I would recommend to others!

Jaclyn Thomes
Jaclyn Thomes
September 9, 2023

My husband has been dealing with back pain since I met him 20 years ago. He has ALWAYS had pain, despite his active lifestyle and frequent chiropractic visits. He even had surgery to help because the pain was so immense. The surgery helped, but did not eliminate the pain. It wasn't until he started working with Tyler at Evo Performance Rehab that his pain subsided. Wish we would've found this sooner!

Jackie George LaLonde
Jackie George LaLonde
August 17, 2023

I worked with Dominic for 20 sessions and it definitely made a huge difference in my stiffness and pain level. The added bonus is I am so much more aligned and haven’t had the need need to go to the chiropractor as much. My problem areas in my back are no longer problems anymore. Highly recommend Evo Performance Rehab

Shane Setzer
Shane Setzer
July 31, 2023

Recover with EVO

Each Neuro-Therapy process begins with a free phone consultation, followed by an in-clinic or virtual evaluation treatment session.

We walk you through the Neuro-Therapy process so you can see the significant differences that even one session can make.

This helps us find the best treatment plan for your lasting success.

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