Neck Pain Recovery in Minneapolis-St. Paul

If someone comes in to Evo Performance Rehab with neck pain, often they have been doing some stretches, getting chiropractic adjustments, or getting massages, but very seldom do they actually know what is wrong with their neck that it is so tight or so painful.

When we do the neurological search process and identify where the real dysfunctions are coming from, we may see someone with an extremely painful and restricted neck get complete, full range of motion within one session, even if our locations are in their shoulder or in their midback.

Full Range Of Motion For Neck

A recent exercise physiologist client presented with a severely limited range of motion, turning her head to the left. She also displayed a lack of range of motion through her rotator cuff. When we did the location process, her neck was fairly clear. And we found dysfunction in the areas of her infraspinatus and supraspinatus, two of her rotator cuff muscles.

When we worked to restore high-level communication between her brain and her shoulder muscles and rotator cuff, her neck was able to stop overcompensating and let go. Within the first treatment, she was able to move her shoulder better and had full range of motion again.

Avoiding Neck Surgery

Another example of this would be a construction industry professional who came to us with a severe disc herniation between C six and seven vertebrae in his neck. This man would have severe shooting pain down the back of his arm if he ever had to look upwards.

When we did the location process, we found locations in his shoulder blade, the teres minor, and the medial short head of his bicep. When we stimulated these areas to communicate more appropriately, he was able to look up with greatly reduced pain, even though nothing had changed in the structures of his neck.

From there, the man was able to completely avoid the surgery that had been planned to fuse the vertebrae in his neck. This was done by retraining the activation of muscles and resetting the balance and function of muscles and posture while moving and exercising. Needless to say, he was very happy about that.

Our Process

Become pain-free In 3 Steps


One of our rehab specialists will be happy to talk with you during a free consultation call to learn more about your issues and determine if Neuro-Therapy is likely to benefit you.


If you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you can visit any of our facilities and work with a Neuro-Therapy practitioner to complete an evaluation treatment.


Experience a personalized treatment plan that uses movement and specific neurological stimulation to retrain your nervous system to work in "inhibited" areas.

Success Stories

Faster, lasting results than traditional treatments

Adam Bisek, Bodybuilder - Pec Tear Rehab

Adam Bisek, a bodybuilding physique competitor and personal trainer came to Evo Performance Rehab after he had his pec torn and surgically reattached. Adam went through our Neuro-Therapy process and drastically accelerated his recovery.

Normal time to being able to do pushups post surgery: 6 months
Adam's time: 6 weeks

Normal rate of regaining range of motion: 5 degrees per week
Adam's Rate: Full range of motion within 3 treatments.

Zavier Steward, Running Back - Ankle Rehab

Zavier is a talented Running Back, but recently had a knee surgery and a major ankle surgery. Zavier came to Evo Performance Rehab and is now far surpassed what he thought 100% would be for him and the function of his ankle.

Had a great experience working with Evo. Tyler was very professional and strategic with my return to sport program. Working with Evo was a game changer in helping me return to 100%.

Sacar Anim
Sacar Anim
October 27, 2023

I worked with Tyler and Dominic to help with calcific tendonitis in my right shoulder. I had acute pain and my range of motion was very limited in all directions when I first started (my arm was basically glued to my side/stomach to support it and keep pain at bay). From day one, Tyler helped to improve my range. He is very patient, understanding, and meets you where you are at while presenting realistic challenges for getting stronger and healthy again. Tyler has a gift for this and he really has your best interest at heart. He approaches his work holistically so he also helped retrain my left shoulder as well as helped me with my legs/knees as he understands your foundation is everything. Tyler puts you first and is fighting right along side you to help you get past what you are facing. I was pretty depressed and frustrated with how little I could do before starting because of how I needed to juggle constant and various degrees of pain for almost a year. As Tyler worked with me through 20 sessions, I was surprised as he showed me how much I really can do - it’s empowering! He helped build up my arm strength again to normal and even better than I’ve ever been! He teaches proper form for the exercises and it makes a huge difference from standard therapy. I now don’t stop and wonder if I can do something, I think about how to do it with the right form to keep me from future injury and just keep moving on with my daily life - no second thoughts. If you’re being steered towards surgery and are looking for a non-invasive way to intervene and recover, I would strongly recommend seeing Tyler and Dominic first. They can help and they have a ton of resources as well. I feel strong and capable now. There really aren’t words to describe how grateful I am for their care, strong resolve to see you well, and constant assurance that pain isn’t something you “just have to deal with”, your body can heal itself. Thank you both so much!!

Courtney O'Brien
Courtney O'Brien
October 12, 2023

Tyler is amazing! I was having a lot of shoulder pain and was consistently seeing a chiropractor but wasn’t seeing much results. I started to go to Evo and now have no shoulder pain! Tyler was very patient and took time to know me and my needs. He is very precise in his work and has a lot of knowledge that he shares. 100% recommend!

Beraiah Peterson
Beraiah Peterson
September 25, 2023

Recover with EVO

Each Neuro-Therapy process begins with a free phone consultation, followed by an in-clinic or virtual evaluation treatment session.

We walk you through the Neuro-Therapy process so you can see the significant differences that even one session can make.

This helps us find the best treatment plan for your lasting success.

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