Alternative to Personal Trainers in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Identifying Areas Not Communicating Correctly

Personal Training Goes Hand-In-Hand with Evo

When people come to Evo Performance Rehab, they often do so at the suggestion of their personal trainer or because they are already working with one.

This is not inherently a conflict and can be synergistic. We'd like to collaborate with trainers on what we are finding and how modifications can be made with their clients in terms of exercises and form.

Our goal is to teach the person, as the proverb says, "Teach the man to fish rather than give the man the fish," and so we carry forward with the concepts of form and concepts of creating movement.

Strength Through Relationships

Great Resource For Personal Trainers

Our goal is to find out what is causing the client's problems and then fix them. This way, they can go back to their favorite workouts and activities without pain and with more energy and confidence. 

Trainers can be a great way to find new clients, and we can be a great resource for them. This is because, in an industry based on relationships, a client's injuries often determine how long they will stay a client. 

If the trainer is thinking long-term, referring their client to an expert rehabilitation facility is a wise move for long-term retention and creating the best outcome for not only the trainer but also the client.

Personal Trainer Synergy
Personal Trainer
Return To Workouts Pain-Free

Move More Efficiently And Build Resilience To Injury

We do not work with clients specifically seeking weight loss, body composition changes, or increasing their physique for things like bodybuilding competitions.

But we do work with people of all ages and abilities to improve their movement efficiency. Many of the people we work with also work with a personal trainer or a strength coach on their overall physical development. 

We take on the role of the Special Forces to work on a specific inefficiency, improve capacity, build resilience against future injury, and return the person to their activities much better than they were before.

This may involve corrective exercises and working into strength-training exercises. 

The Evo Difference

How We Help You Have A Quick and Lasting Recovery

Evo Performance Rehab’s Neuro-Therapy differs from personal training in that we focus our approach on the body’s control center, the nervous system. To Evo, these structural symptoms stem from a deeper underlying cause… neurological dysfunction.

Now let’s say you come to Evo Performance Rehab.

We will assess your movement and perform a neurological search to find which areas have compromised neurological communication and the ability to absorb force.

Phase One

Locate and Re-Educate

Your evaluation might show, for example, that your hamstrings aren't working enough and can't absorb force.

Your movements may show that your hamstrings don't stretch and contract well.

In order to compensate for this, your back curves and stretches excessively when you lift something.

Phase Two

Rehabilitative Strength

It might only take a few minutes to restore most of the hamstrings' functionality.

This will take pressure off the discs and relax the muscles in your low back right away.

This improves strength and flexibility in addition to boosting circulation and reducing inflammation.

When symptoms are the focus of treatment, a lot of time and energy can be wasted!

Phase Three

Resilience Training

This also clears the way for proper strengthening.

Many people can't get the most out of their physical therapy exercises because their bodies prevent them from using their muscles the way they're supposed to.

With Neuro-Therapy, we can correct this imbalance and make progress in tandem with your current therapies!

Our Process

Become pain-free In 3 Steps


One of our rehab specialists will be happy to talk with you during a free consultation call to learn more about your problem and determine whether we can probably help.


If you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you can visit any of our facilities and work with a Neuro-Therapy practitioner to complete an evaluation treatment.


Experience a personalized treatment plan that uses movement and specific neurological stimulation to retrain your nervous system to work in "inhibited" areas.

Success Stories

Faster, lasting results than traditional treatments

Adam Bisek, Bodybuilder - Pec Tear Rehab

Adam Bisek, a bodybuilding physique competitor and personal trainer came to Evo Performance Rehab after he had his pec torn and surgically reattached. Adam went through our Neuro-Therapy process and drastically accelerated his recovery.

Normal time to being able to do pushups post surgery: 6 months
Adam's time: 6 weeks

Normal rate of regaining range of motion: 5 degrees per week
Adam's Rate: Full range of motion within 3 treatments.

Zavier Steward, Running Back - Ankle Rehab

Zavier is a talented Running Back, but recently had a knee surgery and a major ankle surgery. Zavier came to Evo Performance Rehab and is now far surpassed what he thought 100% would be for him and the function of his ankle.

Dominic is an excellent Neuro-Therapy Coach for anyone in pain or dealing with an injury. His strengths include being deliberate in his approach, focused on restorative techniques, and in complete command of the therapy process. He places great significance on helping his clients feel better and regain their strength, and he does so with a strong belief in the power of the mind and body to heal. Overall, Dominic is a highly skilled and knowledgeable coach who can help his clients achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. If you're looking for a coach who can help you restore your physical and mental health, Dominic is an excellent choice. 👍

Troy Thompson
Troy Thompson
March 8, 2023

Dominic was fantastic! He helped me solve a nagging problem with my knee which then allowed me to complete a challenging hike in Switzerland we had been planning for years! If you have a physical issue, I highly recommend EVO!!

Mark Sievers
Mark Sievers
March 8, 2023

Dominic does great work!

Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson
February 22, 2023

Questions? We got you covered.

What types of injuries do you work with?

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Find a detailed list of injuries we treat on our Injuries page.

How long does it take to see results?

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Often with the neurological soft tissue therapy process, we can see some results immediately within the first evaluation treatment. Normally, once someone engages in the therapy program, they are seeing an upward trend that sees them getting significant relief from their pain within the first four sessions.

They typically experience this within one to two weeks. So usually someone is on a better field unless they have an extremely acute injury or a lot of physical damage.

Several factors can contribute to how quickly someone sees results. These include how well do they follow through on recommendations given for things like posture, or other recovery factors like nutrition, sleep, stress, etc. Even though each person is different, there are predictable levels of progress that one would hope to see.

And typically if we are not seeing normal levels of progress, we will communicate to the client to let them know these levels of progress are less than we are expecting. Although this is infrequent, we are completely the advocates for the best interest of the client.

So if there is something unforeseen, or if there is more structural damage than someone who was aware of we may, based on the progress or lack thereof, be able to recommend someone with a great deal of confidence to the right move for what they need to recover to the best level they’re capable of.

How many sessions does it take to keep results long term?

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This can differ from person to person. But we typically encourage you to go through at least two to three phases of therapy. The first phase is necessary for absolutely all clients and that is locating and re educating the sources of their issue. Typically, this takes about four sessions to work someone through to the necessary levels.

The second phase typically we are doing a lot of teaching on top of the rehabilitative strength work. So, if someone understands the concept of muscle memory, they can understand why it is necessary to be consistent with the therapy process.

If you wanted to master the golf swing, you wouldn’t golf once a month or even once a week. You would want to do some level of practice frequently. Typically, we like to work with clients at least two times per week during their process to ensure that the muscle memory and movement patterns are consistently corrected and reinforced.

For someone to keep their results long term, there needs to be a combination of the neurological adaptations happening between the brain and the specific areas, as well as an awareness of how can that person change their movement and positioning and posture to allow them to keep their results long term.

This can differ for all people, but typically, we are confident of getting someone a lasting result within the first two to three phases of treatment. Usually we are not seeing someone again for the same issue. Most people learn enough about how to maintain their results during the process that they can keep them for lifelong success.

How does this program differ from physical therapy or chiropractic?

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Learn more about this on our Why Evo page.

Recover with EVO

Each Neuro-Therapy process begins with a free phone consultation, followed by an in-clinic or virtual evaluation treatment session.

We walk you through the Neuro-Therapy process so you can see the significant differences that even one session can make.

This helps us find the best treatment plan for your lasting success.

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