How Evo's Technology Works

At Evo Performance Rehab, we use specialized technology to locate and then re-educate areas of disrupted neurological communication and feedback. These disrupted areas are the true origins of INJURY and PAIN. The specific technologies we use are specialized electrical muscle stimulators. These are the perfect tools for influencing how the body communicates, because the body's control system, the nervous system, uses electrical signals to communicate. However, because the body uses electricity to communicate, the properties of the signals we use for re-training are important in creating the desired responses in the body. In other words, not all electrical muscle stimulators do the same thing.

The ones that we use are called the ARPWave and the Phoenix Waveform.

These devices help create muscle activation without forcing muscles to shorten. Many of the electrical stimulators people have been exposed to at clinics, trade shows, or at a mall kiosk (sadly) are typically in the following order of popularity:

  1. TENS machines, which are primarily used for blocking pain signals
  2. NMES or EMS machines, which are meant for changing blood flow and lymphatic movement
  3. Russian or Kotz machines, which work to engage muscles maximally in a shortening direction
  4. Inteferential and Iontophoresis, which are medically used to block pain and to target the delivery of medications
  5. Microcurrent devices, for enhancing blood circulation and cellular healing processes

Each of these different devices use electricity, but as you can see, they can accomplish different jobs in the body. None of them, however, are optimal for people who are looking to get out of chronic pain, break out of old injury movement patterns, or speed up their body's re-training into being strong, flexible and stable. Compare to the functions of our devices:

  1. Phoenix Waveform and ARPwave, which deliver muscle-activating movement signals while also enhancing the ability for tissues to reset their length/tension feedback systems, creating a movement re-training effect and allowing the body to move more freely and re-distribute stress optimally.

The ARPWave and Phoenix Waveform machines deliver more muscle movement information into the body, TARGETED exactly where it is desired, at the needed INTENSITY.

At Evo Performance Rehab we help people recover from injuries. Injuries are intense! It follows that we also need to set up completely safe, high-intensity situations for healing to take place so that when people go back to playing sports or doing things that are tiring or unpredictable in the real world, they are prepared to take on these challenges because their body has already adapted to working at its best in high-intensity situations.

Our technology lets us increase a person's range of motion almost instantly and makes it easier for them to contract and feel the muscles they need to use to reach their goal. For the athlete, this allows them to regain coordination and confidence. For the 50+ year old this helps them restore lost flexibility and strength, to get back to moving like a younger, healthier version of themselves. This technology also has a coordinating and calming effect in more chaotic pain conditions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Muscular Dystrophy or Fibromyalgia.

So essentially, we use a very efficient 'brain in a box' that helps our brain develop more efficient communication to the tissues of the body. The 'brain in a box' helps us do more work in less time and helps us enhance good patterns and break bad patterns to help people succeed long-term.

People can get significant results without technology, but the ARP and Phoenix Waveform technology make adaptation happen much faster and to a higher level so that clients can get as close to 100% of their true potential as possible. They never get stuck at a plateau or feel like the last few percentage points of improvement are out of reach.

As an example of this increased efficiency, a University of Hawai'i Study measured that after ACL reconstruction surgery, participants in the ARPwave therapy group improved their thigh muscle growth 300% compared to the control group doing the same therapy exercises without the technology.

Our technology allows us to NEVER HAVE TO GUESS at where issues are coming from, SPEED UP THE RECOVERY by re-estabilshing proper activation, strength, flexibility and stability, and BECOME MORE EFFICIENT to achieve a higher level of function and health for the LONG TERM SUCCESS of our clients!

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