Knee Pain Recovery in Minneapolis-St. Paul

When people with knee pain come to Evo Performance Rehab, they usually already know what's wrong and have tried a lot of different ways to feel better. If they have done physical therapy often, they have been given stretches to do and simple or basic exercises to do, yet they want to do more in their lifestyle, or they have to do more, such as going up and down sets of stairs, and they're still struggling to move without pain.

These people are running up against the same problem if they have been diagnosed or are feeling their symptoms in their knee when the actual dysfunction might be somewhere else in their lower leg. It is their upper thigh or their pelvis that is creating the inappropriate absorption of force that is making its way into the knee itself.

Evaluating Knee Pain

In an evaluation, we would take this person through a neurological search to find the underlying sources of where the brain has inhibited the function of muscles in the body—whether this is from old injuries, postural issues, or things as seemingly innocent as footwear choices.

Once the inhibited areas have been identified, our job is to retrain those areas to participate in the person's movements as they were intended. Sitting and standing in a chair or on the toilet can cause pain for people. Our job is to get the muscle firing again, even if that has nothing to do directly with the knee itself.

Different Cases, Same Quick Recovery

We have had people come in for knee pain where we have worked primarily on their ankles, and they have had significant relief within a very short time. We have also had people come in with knee pain, or we have worked mostly on their hips. We always follow what the nervous system tells us to do, rather than what the symptoms might be telling us. And then maybe it is common after an ACL reconstruction for an active person to have a very difficult time getting back to a true 100%.

Oftentimes, it is at least six months before they are pushing themselves in any sort of new direction, as activities like sports usually demand. It is routine for us that if we can work with someone as soon as possible before their reconstructive surgery and guide them through the process, they will achieve better results in a third to half of the normal time frame.

Knee Replacements

This is also true for knee replacements. We have an example of a client who did prep work before knee replacement, anti-atrophy work right after knee replacement, and rehab work right after that and passed all of the rehab. Physical therapy testing guidelines require clearance within two weeks and one day after surgery.

That is, we made it easier for the muscles and nervous system to stay active and avoid atrophy or spasm. Then, instead of the knee replacement putting a strain on the body, it became a joint upgrade to the body, and this person was allowed to progress extremely rapidly back to his normal level of activity.

Our Process

Become pain-free In 3 Steps


One of our rehab specialists will be happy to talk with you during a free consultation call to learn more about your issues and determine if Neuro-Therapy is likely to benefit you.


If you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you can visit any of our facilities and work with a Neuro-Therapy practitioner to complete an evaluation treatment.


Experience a personalized treatment plan that uses movement and specific neurological stimulation to retrain your nervous system to work in "inhibited" areas.

Success Stories

Faster, lasting results than traditional treatments

Adam Bisek, Bodybuilder - Pec Tear Rehab

Adam Bisek, a bodybuilding physique competitor and personal trainer came to Evo Performance Rehab after he had his pec torn and surgically reattached. Adam went through our Neuro-Therapy process and drastically accelerated his recovery.

Normal time to being able to do pushups post surgery: 6 months
Adam's time: 6 weeks

Normal rate of regaining range of motion: 5 degrees per week
Adam's Rate: Full range of motion within 3 treatments.

Zavier Steward, Running Back - Ankle Rehab

Zavier is a talented Running Back, but recently had a knee surgery and a major ankle surgery. Zavier came to Evo Performance Rehab and is now far surpassed what he thought 100% would be for him and the function of his ankle.

Dom was great to work with! My whole body was buzzing (in a good way) after the session. Dom did a thorough job explaining everything and this therapy is something I would recommend to others!

Jaclyn Thomes
Jaclyn Thomes
September 9, 2023

My husband has been dealing with back pain since I met him 20 years ago. He has ALWAYS had pain, despite his active lifestyle and frequent chiropractic visits. He even had surgery to help because the pain was so immense. The surgery helped, but did not eliminate the pain. It wasn't until he started working with Tyler at Evo Performance Rehab that his pain subsided. Wish we would've found this sooner!

Jackie George LaLonde
Jackie George LaLonde
August 17, 2023

I worked with Dominic for 20 sessions and it definitely made a huge difference in my stiffness and pain level. The added bonus is I am so much more aligned and haven’t had the need need to go to the chiropractor as much. My problem areas in my back are no longer problems anymore. Highly recommend Evo Performance Rehab

Shane Setzer
Shane Setzer
July 31, 2023

Recover with EVO

Each Neuro-Therapy process begins with a free phone consultation, followed by an in-clinic or virtual evaluation treatment session.

We walk you through the Neuro-Therapy process so you can see the significant differences that even one session can make.

This helps us find the best treatment plan for your lasting success.

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