August 7, 2020

Why Your Back Pain Might Not Be a Back Problem

Let's dive into a topic that affects many of us, back pain. Whether it's strains, sprains, herniations, fractures, sciatica or any other type of pain, it's important to understand that most of the time, the symptoms we experience in our back are caused by dysfunctions in other parts of our body.

So, what causes a muscle to function or not? It all boils down to the communication from our nervous system. Is our brain sending the right signals so that our muscles can do their job properly?

When a client comes to me with significant back pain and spasms, it's common to assume the worst, like a herniated disc. But often, taking a conservative approach and letting the body heal on its own can do more harm than good. The body can get stuck in a protective pattern, causing the pain to escalate and interfering with our daily activities.

Instead, we need to focus on getting the body back on track and re-educating the right muscles to do the right job. For example, during a recent functional neurological search with a client, we found that his back was functioning but working way too hard. His hamstring and adductor were under-functioning, not getting the communication they needed and not absorbing force properly. By bringing these muscles up and re-educating them, we were able to significantly reduce the pain and tension in his back within minutes. He was even able to move more freely and do the things he loves again.

If this approach makes sense to you, it's because it's how the human body is designed to function. When everything is communicating and doing its job properly, we can heal naturally. If you're struggling with back pain that just won't go away, it's likely that you don't have a back problem, but rather back symptoms caused by dysfunctions elsewhere in your body.

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