May 6, 2021

How to Heal From an Ankle Sprain

So let's imagine you've had an ankle sprain as many of you have had  (grade two ankle sprain), usually the recovery time for something like that is conventionally about four to six weeks before you're looking at being able to change directions quickly and you're able to move with any sort of confidence.

So for most people, it's a really frustrating time. They're feeling very hesitant about getting back into their sport or desired activity, but what really drives that hesitancy in that lack of confidence is actually a misunderstanding about what's causing the real issue with the pain. So usually in an ankle sprain, we've got ligaments out here that have been partially stretched.

So in a grade two, we've got some actual damage in there. Right. But, most of the discomfort that people experience and most of the restriction and the limping and the hesitancy comes from the nervous system inhibiting the ability for muscles to absorb force. So it's saying "I've got to protect some stuff in here."

That's what makes things very, very stiff. And that's what makes other things work way too hard. So our body starts limping and we're shifting and we're lifting and that inflammation is staying in there. Because these muscles are being signaled to lock up and be protective. So at Evo Performance Rehab, our approach to that is let's find these areas where the nervous system are keeping them shut down and then we're going to work to reeducate their firing.

I had a trainer in one of these facilities we work in who came in after a basketball injury. He had sprained his ankle. It was swollen. He was limping. He was on crutches. We did our location process. We found some hotspots in his lower leg, and we were able to reeducate those. He gained full range of motion without significant pain, and he was able to walk right out the door without the crutches.

Now, that type of speed of recovery is extreme and that really kind of blows people's minds. But that is what's possible when you approach the nervous system, rather than thinking of the ligaments as the source of the problem. So if you approach an ankle sprain with Evo, neurological soft tissue therapy, then what we're going to do is accelerate that timeline and give you that confidence back ASAP.

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