September 17, 2020

Why Your Flexibility Isn't About Your Muscles, But Your Nervous System

Are you one of those people who struggle with flexibility despite all the stretches and exercises you do? Are you frustrated with your tight hamstrings, calves, or chest, and wondering where all that tension comes from? The truth is, your lack of flexibility doesn't stem from your muscles or genes, but from your nervous system.

Your nervous system controls your movement by signaling your muscles and coordinating different body parts to create motion. When you want to touch your toes, for example, your nervous system sends a signal to your muscles to move your body in that direction. However, if you simply let gravity do the work without engaging your muscles actively, you're not sending a specific signal to your nervous system, which can result in limited range of motion.

The key to improving flexibility lies in understanding how your nervous system creates movement. When you actively engage your muscles to move your body in a certain direction, your nervous system signals not only the muscles you're using but also the opposite muscles to lengthen, allowing for efficient cooperation and a smooth range of motion. However, when your nervous system detects a potential threat or danger, such as past injuries or poor posture, it may contract some muscles protectively to stop you from going too far. This protective mechanism can result in co-contraction and limited range of motion, even when there's no actual injury or danger present.

At Evo Performance Rehab, we use specialized neuromuscular stimulators to change the signals in these patterns and enhance flexibility. By sending specific feedback to the muscles that we want to have lengthen, we signal to the brain that movement is safe and the muscles can stretch without causing harm. This feedback can change flexibility on the spot, and we've seen remarkable improvements in our clients' range of motion in a matter of seconds.

If you've been struggling with flexibility, it's time to rethink your approach. Instead of focusing solely on stretching or exercise, consider the signals and patterns in your nervous system that may be limiting your range of motion. By working with a specialized rehab team like ours, you can improve your quality of life, movement, and overall health. Your flexibility is not just about your muscles but about the signals your muscles receive, and we're here to help you change those signals for the better.

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