September 11, 2020

Shinsplints are a Pain!

Now, shin splints are really annoying! The pain stops us from enjoying the outdoors, going on that hike, doing that walk with our loved ones and being able to push those fitness goals. So in order to deal with that, what do people normally do?

They'll get some different shoes, some special padded and supportive shoes, or some orthotics. They'll do a massage. They'll take a bunch of time off and rest and hope that that works.

So these things often come to a frustrating end because they're not actually getting to the root cause of why those shin splints happened in the first place!

At Evo performance rehab, what we do is we evaluate the nervous system and the muscles and determine if they are behaving properly to absorb the force of moving.

If the nervous system and muscles are communicating inappropriately, guess where that force ends up?! Right in your shin. So if we can diagnose where it's going wrong in that pattern, and then create a long-term fix, we don't need to waste the time of taking all that time off, messing with the shoes and messing with the orthotics and stuff and taking all of those things into account.

Recover with EVO

Each Neuro-Therapy process begins with a free phone consultation, followed by an in-clinic or virtual Evaluation Treatment session. 

We introduce the Neuro-Therapy process so you get to experience the significant changes that even one session can make. 

This helps us find the best treatment plan for your lasting success.

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